Veronique Lonchamp - sculptrice

Born in Paris, she still lives and modeling remains a priority. She idealizes human nature. This is a bias, sculptures reflect a real quest for illusory harmony. She loves to offer freedom of this utopia, invites the public to invent stories with characters, so just attitudes and imaginary discussions. His originals are worked clay, wax, plaster or plaster reinforcement mesh on paper.

There in his modeling of deliberately simple and uncluttered expressions. The faces are not drawn, but they are alive. And the human becomes humanity. It leaves traces and rough, as the wounds of life of every human. Sometimes several generations meet.

All his work is rooted in the impulse of mixed feelings. His characters often hear well. They are always presented in bronze.@

Bénédicte GINIAUX  Galeriste  à Bergerac.

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